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While outsourcing or contracting maintenance has been around for 40 years, it still seems that the concept is new to a lot of people. Outsourcing is simply put as:

 “Having a company provide all the materials, supplies and equipment that is needed to take care of the golf course maintenance operations at a facility on a daily basis”.

Think about it like the landscaping industry. The landscape industry evolved with a full-service account that mows, edges, blows, and takes care of the grounds including all labor, pest control, fertilization, equipment, and materials that are needed to perform this service. In order to manage the expectations of this landscape service, there is usually a set of standards or specifications that are agreed upon at the time of hire. The more detailed the standards and specifications, the more precise the company can deliver the standards. This works the same way in a golf course maintenance operation! A club develops a set of standards, and the maintenance company provides an annual price to live up to these standards that are set. A fixed cost and precise delivery of service takes the guesswork out of an ever fluctuating maintenance budget and the labor burden that is involved with it.

How long has it been since you had an outside analysis of your Maintenance operation? Golf course owners and operators can have a third party analysis on where their individual club is positioned in the current business environment. At CGCS, we take a comprehensive approach to ensuring that a club is properly positioned in its marketplace.

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