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Welcome to Cypress Golf Course Services

Cypress Golf Course Services, commonly referred to as CGCS, is an upscale golf course, landscape and total management provider. By understanding that properly managed golf course and maintenance operations requires extensive experience and attention to detail, many facilities are turning to professional outsourcing for their specific golf course and maintenance needs.

Working within a set golf course maintenance budget, CGCS facilitates the planning and execution of the day-to-day maintenance operations to ensure the best possible golf course conditions. This process gives golf course operators a new freedom that enables them to focus on running their golf course to its fullest potential – and have complete confidence in course conditions and customer satisfaction.

At CGCS, we not only focus on outstanding playing and turf conditions, but on how our services impact the health and welfare of the employees and the environment that we work within. It is no secret that golf course maintenance costs have sky-rocketed over the last ten year, however CGCS has developed the most efficient and advantageous programs in the golf course maintenance industry and are ready to set these programs in place at your golf facility.

More often than not, CGCS customers experience reduced golf course maintenance costs without having to sacrifice course quality; in fact, all facilities have experienced an increase in overall turf quality leading to improved playing conditions and improved guest satisfaction. These programs give the facility managers a renewed sense of dependability, a heightened sense of safety and security, and an overall level of satisfaction that enables them to focus on daily operations without the worry of the golf maintenance operation. As a result, all customers have increased or maintained golf operating revenues even in the most challenging times of the golf business.


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