At CGCS, all of our employees are aware of the impact our operations can have on the environment. Best Management Practices (BMP’s) is the practice of facility wide management to ensure the safety and well being of the employees, guests at the clubs, and properties that we manage.

As stewards of the environment, we promote the founding principles of Audubon International, and have registered all CGCS properties in the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf Courses. This programs, and the conservation natural resources, whereby golf courses can enhance and protect wildlife habitats.

As resources such as water become rationed and the public’s intolerance and scrutiny of chemical and environmental pollution increases, our company has had to rethink its strategy with regard to golf course maintenance and the local environments in which we work.

With the company’s core philosophy of  ‘providing the best conditions possible without sacrificing the safety or health of the employees or the environment;’ it is easy to see why CGCS is a positive fit for employees, golfers, and the surrounding communities that we provide service.