As we move through the fourth quarter of 2019, the trends in the golf business continue in a positive direction. Many clubs are still in overbuilt areas and continue to face possible closures in the marketplace.

The hottest topics this year will be focused on where golf is headed and what to expect in the coming months. How can you avoid becoming a struggling course and outlast your competition?

Here are several areas that can be focused on from a maintenance point of view to help cut costs:

  1. Keep the Focus on the Middle – Keep your top conditions in the center. Commit to having fantastic tees, fairways, and greens, even if it means lowering standards in the roughs, woods, and bunkers.
  2. Use Generic Pesticides – Look into a bulk buying program or club to reduce costs for the same product chemistry. Actively decrease pesticide applications and establish a new threshold level for pests for your club and challenge your golf course superintendent for ideas of how to accomplish this.
  3. Treat Perimeters and Banks – Using a growth regulator to reduce edging/mowing frequency, this can be a huge savings during the growing months.
  4.   Eliminate Excessive or Unnecessary Bunkers – Install mounding, depressions or waste bunkers instead. Initially requires investment in time and resources but saves on long-term maintenance costs.
  5. Understand Electric Rates – Know your utility charges for power and then operate the pumps in the most efficient way and on non-peak hours and rates if available. This can also work on your battery charging system to have these carts plugged in charging in “off-peak” times.

Good luck with the success of your operation and as always, please give us a call if you need any clarification or for me to elaborate on any points.

Scott Zakany, CGCS
Cypress Golf Course Services