One of the most talked about topics around a golf course lounge or locker room when the playability of a golf course is mentioned is the greens or green speed.

While there are obvious opinions as to what these speeds should be, it is important to know what it means and what challenges there are at any particular golf course as it relates to this. The USGA stimpmetered putting greens across the country to produce the following recommendations:

Speeds can be increased by lowering mowing heights, rolling and topdressing to name a few. This also depends on the type of grass and duration of the adjustment. 

For instance, most turf grasses can tolerate a short duration (i.e. tournament) but daily play and keeping the turfgrass at a lower than healthy height of cut or condition can have long term detrimental effects. 

While it is difficult to please everyone with the net result of the green speed and speed determination, it is important to understand that it just isn’t as easy as lowering the height of cut. There is much more to consider.